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The Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit is an interdisciplinary research unit at the University of Cambridge based within the Department of Social Anthropology. It  has become a centre of international importance for studies on Inner Asia with an area of interest centred on Mongolia and extending across the region of the great steppes to the Himalayas.

The Unit supports and trains students from Inner Asia and has links with a network of key scholars working in the region which has enabled the development of a broad programme of research activities and events reflecting diverse interests within the area. The current director is Professor David Sneath.


Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project

(Arcadia) PI: Dr Uradyn Bulag, Researcher: Dr Baasanjav Terbish

Pathways to Understanding the Changing Climate: Time and Place in Cultural Learning on the Environment

(AHRC) PI: Professor David Sneath, Co-I David Whitley

Where Rising Powers Meet: China and Russia at their North Asian Border

(ESRC) PI: Professor Caroline Humphrey

Transforming Technologies and Buddhist Book Culture

(AHRC) PI: Dr U Bulag, Researcher: Dr Hildegard Diemberger

The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia

(AHRC) PI: Professor David Sneath, Researcher: Dr Christopher Kaplonski

Climate Histories: Communicating Cultural Knowledge of Environmental Change

(AHRC) PI: Dr David Sneath, Co-I: Dr Barbara Bodenhorn

A Tibetan Woman Lama and her Reincarnations

(AHRC) PI: Professor Caroline Humphrey, Researcher: Dr Hildegard Diemberger

Tibetan and Mongolian Rare Books and Manuscripts

(AHRC) PI: Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones, Researcher: Dr Karma Phuntsho

The historical study and documentation of the Padgling Traditions in Bhutan
(AHRC) PI: Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones, Researcher: Dr Karma Phuntsho