‘Inner Asia’ 14.2 now available from Brill

January 31st, 2013 by

‘Inner Asia’ 14.2 edited by Professor Caroline Humphrey

Editorial Introduction

Caroline Humphrey            243

‘Alien’ Lamas: Russian Policy toward Foreign Buddhist Clergy in the
Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries

Nikolay Tsyrempilov                      245

In Search of Shambhala? Nicholas Roerich’s 1934–5 Inner Mongolian Expedition

James Boyd   257

Religious ‘Revival’ after Socialism? Eclecticism and Globalisation Amongst Lay Buddhists in Ulaanbaatar

Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko          279

Post-Soviet Ulan-Ude: Content and Meaning of a New Urban Idea

Anatoliy S. Breslavsky      299

SPECIAL SECTION: The Xinhai Revolution and Inner Asia
Traitors on the Borderlands: a Muslim Perspective on the Xinhai Revolution

Anthony Garnaut   323

Five Races, One Parliament? Xinhai in Xinjiang and the Problem of Minority Representation in the Chinese Republic

David S. Brophy        343

The Short Life of North-West Magazine: Five Races and Inner Asian Anxieties
at the Dawn of the Chinese Republic

Justin Tighe            365

Kyrgyz Minorities in China

Petr Kokaisl           383


INDEX to Inner Asia, Volume 14, 2012

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