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Seminar – 12 February – Joe Ellis

February 4th, 2019 by anna.c

ALL WELCOME Tuesday 12 February 2019 4.30–6.00 Mond Building Seminar Room Joe Ellis MIASU, University of Cambridge The Conflict in Exemplars: Mythic-Histories, ‘Ethnicities’ and Affines in Khovd Aimag, Mongolia This paper seeks to explore Mongolian moral life by elucidating the historical exemplars that people interpret and mobilise in understandings of ‘ethnic’ difference. In drawing out the […]

Lent Term – Seminar Programme amendment

February 4th, 2019 by anna.c

Please see below for this term’s revised programme – please note there has been a change to the final seminar of the term on 26 February, now to be given by Robbie Barnett. Research Seminars are held in the Mond Building Seminar Room, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RF from 4.30–6.00 LENT 2019

Latest Research – Alternative Medicine in Mongolia

January 24th, 2019 by anna.c

  Over the past 8 years, Dr Elizabeth Turk, MIASU Research Associate, Department of Social Anthropology, has been exploring the increased popularity of nature-based and ‘alternative’ medicine in post-Soviet Mongolia. During a time described as ‘disorganised’ (zambaraagui), marked by mineral mining and the ’emptying out’ of rural homelands as people re-locate to the capital city, […]

Seminar – 29 January – Zulfikar Sarkit

January 15th, 2019 by anna.c

ALL WELCOME Tuesday 29 January 2018 4.30–6.00 Mond Building Seminar Room Zulfikar Sarkit National Academy of Governance of Mongolia Political leadership and history of political thought in Mongolia This article aims first to give a brief overview of the etymology of leadership, the use of leadership in the Mongolian context, and as a role model […]

Seminar – 15 January – Hildegard Diemberger

January 14th, 2019 by anna.c

ALL WELCOME Tuesday 15 January 2018 4.30–6.00 Mond Building Seminar Room Hildegard Diemberger MIASU, University of Cambridge Himalaya: Care for the Future    In a confluence of events, climate change-related floods are occurring in the Himalaya just as motorable roads and telephone connections as well as new governance modes are arriving in places such as […]