30 September – Rebkong Tantric Community Conference

September 21st, 2011 by

Unity and Diversity: Monastic and Non-monastic Traditions in Amdo, Tibet

Conveners: Yangdon Dhondup, Ulrich Pagel, Geoffrey Samuels

For further information, please contact Yangdon Dhondup at yd3@soas.ac.uk

To conclude our three-year AHRC project titled “Locating Culture, Religion and the Self: A Study of the Tantric Community in Rebkong”, we are hosting an international workshop at St Michael’s College, Llandaff, Cardiff, UK. The meeting will be held from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2011.
Participants include:
Professor Geoffrey Samuel (Cardiff University) Rebkong in the Multiethnic Context of Amdo: Religion, Language, Ethnicity, and Identity
Professor Charlene Makley (Reed College) Makley Rebgong’s Klu rol and the Politics of Presence: Methodological Considerations
Dr Colin Millard (Cardiff University) Bon Religious Practice in Rebkong
Professor Heather Stoddard (INALCO) A Short Life of Rigzin Palden Tashi (1688-1743) Founder of the ‘1900 Dagger-Wielding, White-Robed, Long-Haired Yogins of Rebkong’ (phur-thog gos- dkar lcang-lo- can) Also Known as the ‘Community of the Many Yogins’(sngags mang)
Dr Yangdon Dhondup (SOAS) Rebkong’s Tantric Practitioners: Origin, History and Development
Dr. Nicolas Sihlé (CNRS) The absent master and the tasteless flour: Participation and non- participation in the major annual rituals of the Reb-kong tantrists
Tiina Hyytiainen (University of Helsinki) Rebkong Ngakmas – The Relationship between their Religious Practices and Local Economics.
Jane Caple (University of Leeds) Narrating monastic revival: stories from Rebgong and Western Bayan
Professor Paul Nietupski (John Carroll University) The unity of religion and politics: Monastic and nomadic governance in Amdo. The Detri Estate (sde khri nang chen) at Labrang Monastery
Dr Hildegard Diemberger (Cambridge University) Female rulers and female lamas: religion and gender politics in early 20th century Amdo
Dawn Collins (Cardiff University) Dancing the Gods: Modern Transformations of ‘Cham in Rebkong

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