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Friends of MIASU

An association formed to further the aims and outreach of the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit at the University of Cambridge

London Launch and art exhibition, artist, Wuriqiefu, translator and Unit member, Uranchimeg, Secretary of the Friends, Bruce Huett

Aims and Benefits

Increase understanding of the rich diversity of cultures of Inner Asia including peoples,
religions, environment and political structures;

Provide a society in which people interested in the region can meet and communicate;

Organise events in Cambridge and London which will provide insight into this fascinating part of the world

Communicate the activities of MIASU through website and regular newsletters;

Provide opportunities for sponsorship of students and research projects,

Seek support for the continuation and expansion of the activities of MIASU through funded research projects

You are invited to join us

To become part of our network

To strengthen our future










MIASU 2012