Himalayan Connections – New project

March 29th, 2018 by

Dr Diemberger has been successful in receiving funding from the Norwegian Research Council under its NORGLOBAL programme as Co-Investigator on a four-year collaborative project with the University of Oslo :
Himalayan connections: melting glaciers, sacred landscapes and mobile technologies in a Changing Climate
‘Through an exceptional confluence of events and access to centuries of historical documents, this project will explore the complexities of environmental perception and decision-making at a pivotal moment of change in a high-altitude community in the Himalaya. Limi in Humla, western Nepal is experiencing repeated glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) at the same time as the advent of new connectivities such as mobile telephony. Through long-term fieldwork the project will document the community’s historical mechanisms for environmental management to deal with different scenarios of living in a hazardous environment. These mechanisms will be examined in light of the arrival of new communication technologies and new knowledges and framing discourses around climate change and sustainable development.

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