‘INNER ASIA’ 12.2 Contents

February 23rd, 2011 by

The latest issue of ‘Inner Asia’ (2010) 12.2 is available online and in hard copy.

Editorial introduction – Caroline Humphrey

Sayana Namsaraeva -The metaphorical use of Avuncular terminology in Buriad diaspora
relationships with Homeland and Host Society

Franck Billé – Sounds and Scripts of modernity:
language ideologies and practices in contemporary Mongolia

Judith Hangartner – The contribution of Socialist Ethnography to darhad ‘Shamanism’

Daisuke Murakami – Japanese imaginings of  Tibet: past and present

Adrian Zenz – Beyond assimilation: The Tibetanisation of Tibetan Education in

Tatiana Safonova and István Sántha – Being local outsiders: a Study of Chinese Ethos in East Siberia

Research Note

James Boyd – ‘A very Quiet, outspoken, pleasant gentleman [sic]’: the united
States military attaché’s reports on Baron von ungern-
Sternberg, March 1921

Maz Oidtmann – Johan Elverskog. Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

Anna Portisch – Alexander c. Diener. One Homeland or Two? The Nationalization
and Transnationalization of Mongolia’s Kazakhs

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