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July 30th, 2013 by

Inner Asia

Edited by Caroline Humphrey, Uradyn E. Bulag and David Sneath
Published bi-annually by Global Oriental for the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Inner Asia is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal with emphasis on the social sciences, humanities and cultural studies. Now in its fifteenth year, Inner Asia is currently one of the very few research-orientated publications in the world in which scholars can address the contemporary and historical problems of the region.
The journal’s Editors are Caroline Humphrey, Uradyn E. Bulag and David Sneath – all of the University of Cambridge – who are supported by an Editorial Panel and an Advisory Panel both consisting of scholars from Europe, North America and Asia.

Of particular interest to the Unit are studies in the following areas: the rise of political and economic nationalism, the introduction of markets and changing concepts of property, the re-emergence of religions, the negotiation of ethnicity and identity, urbanisation and demography, concepts of modernity and post-modernity, environmental and conservation issues, and history and historiography in the aftermath of the decades of socialist governance.

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