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Professor Caroline Humphrey has been commended for her work in support of Inner Mongolia Normal University

Extract from a statement from the CPC for Inner Mongolia Normal University

Since the establishment of our university in 1952, under the right leadership of the Party Committee for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Government, with the support of all walks of society, through hard work of several generations of the members of Inner Mongolia Normal University, it has became a Normal University which has a full range of specialities, high quality, great ability of running  and distinct features. The University has been persistent in the policy of strengthening itself by qualified people, and promoting the project of “Bringing in Talent” it employed over 300 well known experts and scholars from home and abroad as guest professors and adjunct professors. They have been concerned about and strongly supported all kinds of work of the university, and played important guiding and promoting roles for raising  standards of education and research, expanding subjects and fostering talented teams. Thus they have made a great contribution to the fast development of all courses of our university.

In order to fully recognize the contribution the guest professors and adjunct professors have made to the development and construction of university, and to extensively propagate and promote their noble  manner and dedicating spirits, further inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of teachers and student of the whole university, propel  the better and faster development of the whole university, a discussion was made through the consideration and discussion of the Party Committee of the university to Commend and award 12 Guest Professors and adjunct professors such as Professor Caroline and the others listed below.

A list of the Guest Professors and Adjunct Professors Who Made Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Our University
• Professor Caroline Humphrey: Director of Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit; Professor of Department of Social Anthroplogy, University of Cambridge, Great Britain

• Du Youwei: Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor of Department of Physics, Nanjing University
Zhao Jincai: Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, fellow of the Institute of  Chemistry of  Chinese Academy of Science
•Liu Jiyuan: Director of the Institute of geography and recourse studies of  Chinese Academy of Science
• Liu Dawei: Vice Chairman of the Chinese Writes’ Association, Chairman of the Society of Chinese Artists
•E. Brück: Professor of the School of Applied Science of the Delft University of Technology of Holland
• Zhu Huaiyong: Professor of Queensland University of Technology
• Bi Aonan:  Director of the Division of the North-East and Northern Border of the Centre for History and Geography of Chinese Borders  at Chinese Academy of Social Science
• Niu Gensheng: Founder of Mengniu Enterprise, Honoured President of Laoniu Foundation
•  Lü Huisheng: Vice Mayor of Hohhot City
• Cui Changyuan: Professor of the Department of Chinese at  Qingyun University of South Korea
• Feng Lisheng: Director of the Institute of History of Science and Ancient Texts at Qinghua University

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