Lunchtime Seminar – 2 October – Prof. Lin Meicun

September 26th, 2013 by

A lunchtime seminar will be held in the Mond Building Seminar Room, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RF

Tuesday 2nd October, 1.00-2.00

Prof. Lin Meicun

School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University

Mongolian Landscape Map:

A 16th Century Silk Road Map Recently Discovered in Japan


This lecture introduces a 16th century Ming dynasty map which covers the Silk Road regions in the Mongolia Empire. Recently discovered in Japan, the Mongolian Landscape Map (蒙古山水地璺) is a hand scroll in ink and color on silk, 0.59 meters wide and 31.2 meters long. It contains the names of 211 locations in Chinese script, most of which are transliterations from foreign languages including Tocharian, Greek, Turkic, Mongolian, Persian, Sogdian, Arabic, Armenian. The painting belongs to the blue-and-green landscape tradition, more specifically to the Wumen (吳門) School of the mid-Ming Dynasty.

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