New Project – Entangled Lines

August 2nd, 2012 by

New project awarded by the British Academy through its International Partnership and Mobility Scheme

Entangled Lines: Railways, Resource Booms, and Transnational Politics in

In partnership between MIASU, Cambridge University and IIS, Mongolia, this
project led by Dr U Bulag studies the critical role of the Mongolian railway in relation to the
burgeoning mining sector and Mongol-Chinese-Russian economic and
geopolitical relations. Mongolia has recently announced plans to build 5,683 km of
new railways in three phases. But instead of a short line of c. 270 kms from the
mines to the Chinese border, it has opted for a costly 1,100 km line to link to the
existing Trans Mongolian railway and beyond to the Russian railway in the first
phase, in order to create a balance of interests between China and Russia and to
increase revenue from mineral exports.

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