Graduate Studies

The unit supports research at graduate and post-doctoral level.

Current PhD Students

Thomas White
Johnnie Taee
Lobsang Yongdan
Alex Skinner
Phil Paliotta
Viesturs Celmins

Giovanni Da Col – writing up fieldwork carried out in Tibet

Recent PhDs

Paula Haas –  ‘Trusting everyone and no-one: constructing the ideal Barga society in Inner Mongolia’

Baasanjav Terbish – ‘State Ideology and its Context in the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia’

Jacquie Hobbs – ‘When the Milkbird comes: Amdo-Tibetan constructions of time in Qinghai and Gansu provinces, PRC’

Ross Anthony – Xinjiang

Maria Luisa Nodari – ‘Climbing for the Nation: Epics of Mountaineering in Tibet’

Astrid Zimmerman – ‘The art of working for the moment: Local work practices, post-socialist notions of work and the “gift economy” in state institutions of provincial Western Mongolia’

Frank Billé – Bodies of Excess: Imagining the Chinese in Contemporary Mongolia
Bernard Charlier – ‘Faces of the Wolf, Faces of the Individual. Anthropological Study of Human, Non-Human Relationships in West Mongolia’
Mireille Mazard – writing up fieldwork in Yunnan Province, PRC
Adrian Zenz –  ‘Tibetanness’ under threat? Assimilation, Carreer and market Reforms in Qinghai, P.R. China
Mette High – Dangerous Fortunes: Wealth and Patriarchy in the Mongolian Informal Gold Mining Economy
Ludek Broz – The Spirit of Explanation: Invisible Causes of Visible Disasters in the Altai Republic.
Madeleine Reeves – Border Work: An Ethnography of the State at its Limits in the Ferghana Valley
Jonathan Mair – Faith, Knowledge and Ignorance in Contemporary Inner Mongolian Buddhism
Timm Lau – The Tibetan diaspora in India; approaching itinerant trade, popular cultural consumption and diasporic sociality
Youngho Nam – Labour relations and concepts of work in Irkutsk
Bum-Ochir Dulam – Respect and Power without Resistance: Investigationof Interpersonal Relationships among the Deed Mongols
Beth Mellor – Social identity in southern Tibet
Vera Skvirskaya – The Yamal Nenets: society and sociality in the post-Socialist context
Youngho Nam – Labour relations and concepts of work in Irkutsk (Siberia)
Tara Sinclair -Contemporary Buddhism in Russia
Lars Hojer – aided by our exchange agreement with the Mongolian Studies Unit of the Mongolian National University, Ulaanbaatar. His research topic is: Dealing with suffering and conflict in North-West Mongolia
Dawn Nafus – Consumption, communication technology and markets in post-Socialist Russia, and she has been based in St. Petersburg