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Michaelmas 2012
Tuesday 9 October

Melvyn Goldstein
Case Western Reserve University

Nomads, Pastures and the State: Change and Continuity among mobile pastoralists in Western Tibet, 1959-2012

Tuesday 23 October

Marina Romanova Saidukova
National University of Mongolia

Nation-building processes of the Buryats, Kalmyks and Tuvans of Russia: between Ethnic Pride and the Unshakeable Loyalty

Tuesday 6 November

Fiona McConnell
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Constructing legitimacy, contesting futures: the governance practices of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile

Tuesday 20 November

Bryan Maddox
University of East Anglia

Desert Deviants: Ethnography, Camels, Fast Food and Item Response Theory in the Mongola Gobi

Tuesday 4 December

Morten Pederson & Mikkell Bunkenborg
University of Copenhagen

Intimate Distances: Towards a Comparative Ethnography of Chinese Resource Investments in Mongolia

Lent 2013
Tuesday 22 January

Aude Michelet
London School of Economics PhD Candidate

Learning to be a person in Huld (southern Mongolia)

Tuesday 5 February

Professor Frank Pieke
University of Leiden

Immigration, diversity and cosmopolitanism in contemporary China

Tuesday 19 February

Tony Whitten

Flora and Fauna International

Novel approaches on biodiversity safeguards at the World’s largest copper mine – Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia: How much to measure an ass:

Tuesday 5 March

Christopher Kaplonski & David Sneath

University of Cambridge

Easter 2013
Tuesday 23 April

Sayana Namsaraeva

Fieldwork between Folders: fragments of the Russian ‘amateur’ colonial anthropology in the China-Russia border town archives

Tuesday 30 April

Bayarjargal Garamtseren

PhD candidate (Hebrew Studies), University of Cambridge

A History of Bible Translation in Mongolian

Tuesday 7 May

Maria Repnikova

University of Oxford

Political Boundaries: Watchdog Media and the State in China and Russia

Tuesday 21 May

Riamsara Kuyakonon Knapp

Department of Geography,  University of Cambridge

A Political Ecology of Mountain Closre in Eastern Bhutan

Tuesday 4 June

Dr. Wei-Fang Wang

Director of Tibetan Affairs Department

Mongola and Tibetan Affairs Commission

The Issues of Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission and the Organizational Reform in the future

25 June

Prof. Yang Honglin

Yunnan Nationalities University

The Imagination and Ontology of ‘Social Structure’: Perspectives from the Nuosu ‘Slave’ Villages of Southwest China

Wednesday 13 June
Naran Torgonshar

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

The change in nomadism and grassland degradation in eastern Inner Mongolia

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