Project sites

Pathways to Understanding the Changing Climate: Time and Place in Cultural Learning about the Environment

PI: Professor David Sneath, Researchers: Dr Elsa Lee (Faculty of Education), Dr Richard Irvine

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project

PI: Dr Uradyn Bulag, Researcher: Dr Baasanjav Terbish

The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia

PI: Professor David Sneath, Researcher: Dr Christopher Kaplonski

Climate Histories: Communicating Cultural Knowledge of Environmental Change

PI: Professor David Sneath, Co-I: Dr Barbara Bodenhorn

A Tibetan Woman Lama and her Reincarnations

PI: Professor Caroline Humphrey, Researcher: Dr Hildegard Diemberger

Tibetan and Mongolian Rare Books and Manuscripts

PI: Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones, Researcher: Dr Karma Phuntsho

The historical study and documentation of the Padgling Traditions in Bhutan

PI: Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones, Researcher: Dr Karma Phuntsho

Transforming Technologies and Buddhist Book Culture

PI: Dr U Bulag, Researcher: Dr Hildegard Diemberger