Research Seminars 2017–18

Michaelmas Term 2017

Tuesday 17 October

Bumochir Dulam

University College London

The Power of a Master: Respect among Mongols in Rural China


Tuesday 31 October

Heonik Kwon University of Cambridge

On Universal Hospitality


Tuesday 14 November

Hurelbaatar Ujeed

Inner Mongolia Normal University

Merging Peoples: Shifting Economy, Transforming Environment and Surviving Culture in a Typical Horchin Village


Tuesday 28 November

Aurélie Névot

Centre for Studies on China, Korea and Japan, EHESS, Paris

Mo: “master/sacrificial victim” (Yi-Sani shamanistic writing, China): Substantial mobility (transsubstantiation) between the Masters of psalmody (bimos) and their sacrificial victims (mo)

Lent Term 2018

Tuesday 23 January

Marissa Smith

De Anza College, Cupertino, California

Making a Master: Monumental Construction on a Pasture of Cultural Production


Tuesday 6 February

Chima Michael Anyadike-Danes

University of California, Irvine

Trucking with Time: The Emergence of New Mongolian Mobilities in America


Tuesday 20 February

Nicola Scardigno

Polytechnic of Bari

Definition of a Tool for Landscapes’ Systemic-Scalar Reading: Classification Hypothesis of the Mongolian Landscapes


Tuesday 6 March

Saranzaya Manalsuren

South Bank University, London

Interdisciplinary Interpretation of ‘Heritage-Locality’ among Business Practitioners in Contemporary Mongolia



Easter Term 2018