Research Seminars 2016–17

Michaelmas Term 2016

Tuesday 18 October

Sampildondov Chuluun

Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Findings from the Excavation of the Saridag Monastery of the Jabzundamba Hutagt: Archaeology and Legend

Tuesday 01 November

Uranchimeg Ujeed

University of Cambridge

Becoming Shamans to be Healed: Reasons for Contemporary Proliferation of Horchin Shamanism

Tuesday 15 November

Adam Chau

University of Cambridge

Hosting, Not Hospitality

Tuesday 29 November

Joseph Long

University of Aberdeen

Masters, Grandmothers, Indigenes and Incomers: Mediating Migration and Belonging through Western Buryat Ritual Practice

Lent Term 2017

24 January

Baasanjav Terbish

Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge

Folk Healers in Kalmykia, South-West Russia

7 February

Sören Urbansky

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich & MIASU Visiting Researcher

Same but Different:
Sinophobia in Vladivostok, San Francisco and Singapore

21 February

Loretta E. Kim

University of Hong Kong

Imagining Maps in Words:
A Comparative Analysis of Two Late Nineteenth Century Geographies of the Amur River Region

7 March

Uradyn Bulag

Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge

Visible and Invisible Mastersof Ethnic Regional Autonomy in China

Easter Term 2017

Tuesday 2 May

Charlotte Bruckermann

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

The Mistress of the Hearth: Female mobility, domestic divinities, and reproductive power in North Central China

Tuesday 16 May

Anastasia Piliavsky

University of Cambridge

The perils of stray men, or why everybody needs a master (in India, for example)’

Tuesday 30 May

Michael Puett

University of Harvard

Master, Host, Demon, God

Tuesday 13 June

Martin Mills

University of Aberdeen

Last Gift of the God-King: Negotiating Constitutional Ownership in the Wake of the Dalai Lama’s Resignation