Seminar – 18 October – Sampildondov Chuluun

October 6th, 2016 by


Tuesday 18 October 2016

4.30–6.00 Mond Building Seminar Room

Sampildondov Chuluun

Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Findings from the Excavation of the Saridag Monastery of the Jabzundamba Hutagt: Archaeology and Legend

In the mountain range that includes Chinggis Khaan’s sacred Burkhan Khaldun, about 70 km northeast from the capital Ulaanbaatar, there are some ruins of a monastery in the mountains of Khan Khentii. Since the first report by Russian scholars who visited the site in the early 20th century, there has been little work conducted here due to the inaccessible nature of the landscape. At the same time research on Mongolia’s seventeenth century city planning and architecture has never been developed.

Since 2010 I have been working on the excavation and study of this site and for the past two years I have also been collecting and studying oral history from the area, which holds Öndör Gegeen as the founder of the complex.

In 2013 we formally launched a project entitled “A Seventeenth Century City”, starting off with the most difficult site called Sar’dagiin Monastery. Since then, we have conducted three excavations, each time ranging from two weeks to three months, and we will continue for another year or two. In this presentation, I will report the initial findings from our excavations.

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