Seminar – 28 November – Aurélie Névot

November 14th, 2017 by


Tuesday 28 November 2017

4.30–6.00 Mond Building Seminar Room

Aurélie Névot

Centre for Studies on China, Korea and Japan, EHESS, Paris

Mo: “master/sacrificial victim” (Yi-Sani shamanistic writing, China):
Substantial mobility (transsubstantiation) between the Masters of psalmody (bimos) and their sacrificial victims (mo)

The notion of “mo” comes from the secret language and writing of Yi-Sani shamans living in Southwestern China (Yunnan). The term is used to refer to those ritualists themselves: bi-mos (Masters of psalmody), as well as to the animals the latter sacrifice to their gods: mos. I propose to address the transsubstantial (trans-substantia) process that occurs between these two “mos” during rituals. I will try to explain how such a relation is established and question to what extent it could be linked to the notion of mobility, discussed here from ritual perspectives. To do so, I will make a broad overview of the sacrificial framework of the Masters of psalmody by following every stage of the bimo sacrifice (my presentation will be based on ethnographic data collected in the field from 1999 to 2017).

Full abstract here


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