Seminar – 4 June – Dr. Wei-fang Wang

May 31st, 2013 by

The Mond Building Seminar Room – 4.30

The Issues of Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission and the Organizational Reform in the Future

Dr. Wei-fang Wang

Director of Tibetan Affairs Dept.

Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission


The Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission has been set up for almost 85 years since 1928. However, there has been a bureau to deal with related work since 1911. The work of Commission changed a lot after KMT government moved to Taiwan. Because of localization policy, the Commission focuses on four main items, including promoting exchange between Taiwan and worldwide Mongolians and Tibetans, providing professional assistance, nurturing professionals and humanitarian aid, promoting Mongolian and Tibetan Culture as well as providing care for disadvantaged Mongolians and Tibetans, and strengthening Mongolian and Tibetan studies. In the near future, the Commission will be combined into the Mainland Affairs Commission under the law of organizational reform passed by the Legislature Yuan.

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