Trans-Continental Neighbours

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Trans-Continental Neighbours Edited by: B. Altangerel, U.E. Bulag, S. Chuluun & D. Shurkhuu, was published on 19 March to coincide with the a conference with a special panel to celebrate 50 years of Mongolia–UK diplomatic relations.

In 1963 Mongolia and the United Kingdom established diplomatic relations, a monumental event in the long history of the two countries dating back to 1287 when an envoy sent by Arghun Khan, the ruler of the Mongol Empire’s Ilkhanate, met King Edward I of England. While the Mongol impact in Europe has long been felt, almost nothing happened between the Mongols and the English until the late 19th century when British power reached Mongolia through its rivalry with China and Russia. Looking to Britain favourably, in 1912 the government of the newly established independent Mongolia despatched a letter to nine world powers requesting their recognition. The Yalta agreement signed by the British Prime  Minister Winston Churchill together with the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 ultimately paved the way for international recognition of Mongolia’s independence.
In 1963 Britain became the first Western democracy to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, Britain has become Europe’s biggest business partner with Mongolia. With important historical texts documenting the key developments ranging from diplomacy to academic exchanges and business agreements from 1899 to 2012, this book is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Mongolia-UK diplomatic relations.

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