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Left. Late-16th-century mural painting of Bodong Chogle Namgyal, Nyemo Chekar Monastery. Right. Statue of Bodong Chogle Namgyal, originally at Porong Pemo Choding Monastery, now in Kathmandu and distinctive for its realistic features.
Lhatsun Rinchen N
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Ngdadag Lhatsun Rinchen Namgyal 1473–1557, grand-nephew of Chokyi Dronma, who established a famous early printing house at Trakar Taso monastery Mural painting of Chokyi Dronma at Nyemo Chekar monastery
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Chokyi Dronma in an illumination in Bodong Chogle Namgyal's biography kept at Bodong E monastery
Cakrasamvara painting commissioned by Chokyi Dronma. The text on the cover refers to her skull (dbu-thod)
in Tsari Tsagong.
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Images and text created in the framework of the AHRC funded project a Tibetan Woman-Lama and her Reincarnations with the support of the The Austrian Science Fund and the Italian EvK2 CNR Project

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